Dinky Toys Pullmore 990 Set, Code 3.

The Dinky Bedford Pullmore transporters are among the more collected and popular Dinky Toys, and some of the first restorations I did were with them. One of my favourite Pullmore Code 3’s is the set featured here. It is a straight forward respray of old and worn models that formed the Pullmore gift set, but the cars have all been restored in colours that were not in the original set. The Pullmore itself mirror’s the original paint scheme, but is in Orange and Cream Dinky Jekta colours rather two tone Blue.

This is the models collected together to make up the Code 3 set, as I first received them. The cars consist of Austin Somerset (poorly repainted), and Ford Zephyr, Rover 75 and Hillman Minx (all very playworn). The Pullmore itself has been very badly overpainted as can be seen.


As this was more or less a straight repaint I didn’t really take many pictures, this the only one I have of the set as it was being reassembled after the paintwork was done.


The rest of the pictures are of the finished set. The loading ramp was a reproduction sprayed to match. The decals are all home made (see my decal paper article on this site if you would like to know more about how). The box was produced by a good friend of mine and sets of the models superbly.


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