British Railway inspired Dinky Toys Code 3.

One of the themes I first collected when I became interested in diecast was that of British Railway liveried vehicles. It wasn’t a widely covered series and when I couldn’t find any more to buy, my first steps in Code 3’ing started. I have moved on to other diecast collections over the years, but here are some of my favourite home revamped British Rail Dinky models.


Leyland Mini Clubman

I made this model for a Code 3 forum competition and am glad to say it won. The Clubman may not have been the most fashionable mini but it was from my era, and the model I think has some very nice detail.



British Rail Vega Coach

Being a seventies child I still have dim memories of the Rail strikes of the days, and seem to remember British Rail coaches on news reels ferrying passengers from closed stations. This was my attempt at restoring that memory, a Dinky Vega Major in British Rail seventies colours. It was one large model to restore, and to date is the only one I’ve done.



Various Other British Rail Code 3 Models.



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2 Responses to British Railway inspired Dinky Toys Code 3.

  1. triumphman1951 says:

    Roland, I am entranced by your race car transports. Have not found any for sale on ebay. Can you advise me of a source? Thanks.

    • Roland says:

      Hello there and thank you for the kind words. The transporters on this site I’m afraid I haven’t made for a few years now, although I do plan to start again at some point. At the moment I only have a couple of complete ones, and a lot awaiting paintwork.

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