Dinky Toys Bedford / Antar Code 3.

I had often thought that the Bedford OB would look good with a ‘beefed up’ chassis, and having had a look round decided on the heavy duty Antar transporter as the second part of the Code 3. It proved a popular model and I made a good few versions. I no longer have any pictures of the construction, however hope this gallery gives an idea of how variable the pairing proved to be.

These first pictures are one of the only civilian transporter version I made, in the colour’s and markings of Massey-Harris Tractors.



The main models produced using this combination were military, and transporter varients were made for Navy, RAF & Army, with appropriate loads.


I also made some trailer-less units in various guises, including some stretched versions. Again pretty much all of them were military versions, but they made some interesting challenges.







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  1. Noel Bartolo says:

    Brilliant work. Wish I could do a little of what you’ve done. Up to now all I’ve done is strip the old chipped paint off and respray them as close to the original colour as I can. 5 Star work you’ve done.

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