Dinky Bedford ‘Jaguar’ Race Support Truck

This is another experimental Race Track inspired model, based on a Dinky Bedford 555 Fire Engine. I bought a few of these models to turn into Race Car Transporters, however as the Commer Fire Engine conversion seemed to work better I had to come up with a plan B for these. The answer I felt was to make a Race Team ‘support’ vehicle. The model was perfect for the job, having a crew cab and lots of roller shuttered storage behind, I felt she could quite easily pass for a mechanics truck given the right make over.



First job was to strip her of paint, and make any modifications that would be needed. I decided to leave the roof pretty much as was, except for removing the front bell. The finished model would have accessories on it which would hide most of it anyway.  The hose reels on the sides were covered with some thin brass plate as I didn’t think they had a place on a race support vehicle, well not an optimistic one anyways.  Also worth noting in the last picture are the two holes drilled at the top of the roller-shuttered area. Having searched the web for pictures in inspire me, I found that it wasn’t unknown for teams to erect a canopy over the work area for a bit of protection from the elements, and so I though why not add it as a feature for this truck.

At a later stage now. The rollers have been painted in silver and masked, and the model is getting it’s first coat of Ivory paint. As you may have noticed one of the window supports has been lost in the refurbishment. This was annoying but not a major disaster. A plasticard replacement was fashioned and you will see at the end, once painted it is impossible to see that it’s not original.

The final layer of British Racing Green is applied here and am waiting impatiently for it to dry. This is the last picture of the rebuild, the rest being of the finished model.  The canopy has been made from foamboard and some aluminium tubing, the same sort I use for replacement axles. The model has two canopy’s, one for each side, it can be displayed with either, both or none. I’ve also added a Dinky Jaguar XK120 in racing trim to give it more of an effect.

The roof area has been complimented with a spare set of car tires, and some aluminium tubing ( for more canopy’s). The ladder was always there but I figure it could be useful to the crew in putting up canopy’s. The model is a Code 3, and as such I let myself get a little carried away with the idea. I prefer models that look like they are practical, and this usually means  additional bits of kit and trimmings.

The only other point worth a mention is that I have added a basic interior to the model. It’s basic, a couple of bench seats, a rear wall to show that the model is not just hollow, and a steering wheel. The original models had nothing in them,but it’s always good I feel to be able to look through the windows and get an idea of what the ‘real thing’ might have had.


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  1. Pratama says:

    I read your post and wshied I’d written it

  2. Me too. Me gusta 60s/70s diecast

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