Dinky Toys Code 3 Mac Truck, ‘Honest John’ Rocket Truck.

I have made many Dinky Code 3 Truck’s over the years, and am always on the look out for a new conversion. Having tried my hand at military conversions I soon became aware of the missile truck, and  the Honest John’s ‘mac’ truck became to good to pass up. I endevoured to keep it true to it’s roots, and so it appears mainly in American livery.

The first is paired with the trailer from an Antar tank transporter, and what was a P-47 Thunderbolt in very poor condition.


This was inspired by the old 1950’s War of the World’s film,where I’m sure I remember seeing very similar rocket trucks. The Katusha rockets and launcher were white metal which gave the model a reassuringly heavy feel.


Lastly another pairing with an Antar trailer, this time with an (Airfix) LCVP landing craft load.



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