Dinky Toys Guy ‘Short Wheel Base’ Code 3.

The Guy lorry is one of the best known Dinky Toy’s of the fifties and sixties and was produced in flatbed, highback and container versions. Many are Code 3’ed simply be being given an alternative paint scheme, however they can also be converted fairly easily to a short wheel base version. These can then be used either as a tractor unit, an alternate say for the Pullmore, or in the case of many I’ve done, wrecker trucks.

The process of shortening the Guy is fairly simple. The cab and chassis are a one piece item, the example pictured here had already been stripped and primed, and was probably from a batch  that I’d prepared  a while back.


Using a hacksaw just cut behind the rear wheels and a small section in front of the rear wheels and then again a centimeter or so further towards the cab. there is a strengthening post in the casting underneath and it makes an easy line to follow.


Use a file to smooth out the area that’s been cut and then marry the two parts up to make sure they are a good fit. It is best not to be joining them permanently at this stage. The front wheel section of the Guy is held in place by tabs that come up behind the cab, so it’s best to have both parts painted in advance of final assembly.


This will eventually become a tractor unit for a Pullmore Code 3, and the articulated plate in this picture is a cut down Bedford OB plate (minus it’s wheel arches) from that same Pullmore model. It hasn’t been paint stripped as yet and shows nicely what needs to be cut away. Also once the model is painted and the wheel’s and front plate are attached, it will form the main strength of the chassis, strong two part resin covering it and the two chassis pieces making them as one.


The finished Guy tractor unit, and it’s new trailer.




Finally some pictures of recovery versions of the shortened wheelbase Guy.








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