Dinky, Mersey Tunnel Land Rover Code 3’s

One of my favorite Dinky models to code 3 is the Mersey Tunnel Land Rover. It is a simple ‘all in one’  short wheelbase casting with some nice detailing, and can generally be picked up at toy fair’s in playworn condition for around £5 . The size, fairly rugged shape and popular make of vehicle means that many have survived the decades since they were made, and most in good shape. The one fault that is common is that often the front bumper has lost one or both of it’s ends. This isn’t the problem you might think, reproduction spares are available for about 60p from specialist model suppliers, and it’s a straight forward cut, file and fit to replace them.

As you can see from the top picture I sometimes have a production line of them in the workshop, but don’t think I’ll ever tire of revamping them.


If you’ve never thought about  making a Code 3 Mersey Tunnel Land Rover for the sake of it, with it’s prices as low as they are it’s always worth keeping in mind as a load for a larger Dinky set.




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