Dinky Toys 984 & 985 Code 3 Transporters

One of the more popular Code 3 conversion’s I’ve made is for the Land Rover transporter. I started off with a 989 set that was in need of restoration, and a picture I found on a greeting’s card which bore a striking similarity. It was a success and I went on to make more, pairing them up with Mersey Tunnel Land Rover’s to provide a reasonable load.


Another popular ‘revamp’, was to turn the standard red Auto Transporter into it’s rarer and more colourful ‘Continental’ version. The European version never came with a trailer, so the colour scheme for that simply matched the truck.

The finished set was complemented with a specially designed Code 3 box, which set it off a treat.





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3 Responses to Dinky Toys 984 & 985 Code 3 Transporters

  1. roy atha says:

    i am curious to know why you used pop rivets to hold the models together instead of alloy rivets,
    also that you appear to have left the rivets unpainted.
    i think that that is a flaw in a very nicely and well done conversion
    (please do not take this as a criticism, –i only wish that i could do as wekk

    • Roland says:

      Hello there, and thanks for the question. To be honest, this site was set up some time ago and some of the pages are quite old now. The Dinky 984 & 985 sets were done over ten years ago, when donor’s were easier to buy, and long before Dan Toys reproduced the 984 models. At the time I was very conscious of people buying the restorations and then passing them off as as real. The donors were actually old red versions restored in the continental livery, but I deliberatly added differences to them, such as pop rivets unpainted and I also blacked the radiators and inside the cab. The idea was that people who really wanted a representation of the continental version, could at least display a near copy and that no one would profit by fraud. I actually grew to really like the pop rivets, it was very satisfying completing the models with them.

  2. BRULBAULT Philippe says:

    Hello, I am restoring the dinky toys auto transporters in code 3, but I cannot find the reference for the yellow paint. Thank you for your help. Sorry for the translation made by google. I am French and my school English is far. Cordially. Philippe.

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