Matchbox K-3 Farm Trailer, ‘Cooper Cars’ Race Transporter Trailer, Code 3.

Ok, well this is my first non-Dinky Code 3 for a very long time, but it is to be used with a Dinky set, in this first incarnation a Dinky Cooper race set as you can see. so hope you’ll excuse the intrusion onto a site dedicated to Dinky Toys. The Donor model is actually a Matchbox K-3 Farm Trailer, and it is to be used as a racing trailer to sit ,in this case, behind a Code 3 Dinky Bedford Race Mechanics Truck ( formally a Dinky 259 Bedford Fire Engine), and carry a Dinky race car load.

As Code 3’s go this is actually a fairly simple remake. I had already designed the mechanics truck (see article in this same workshop section), but having revisited it of late, felt that when paired with a matching car it would be nice to complete the set with a trailer. I had looked at Dinky trailers, but felt the K-3 was more suitable. It has a fine chassis mainly made up of cross struts – so not to chunky, and had twin axles so would look good as a stand alone if needs be.

   In this first picture I have disassembled the farm trailer. The main body and the tipper action components will be discarded, as it is just the chassis we will be using. I have also filed down the topside edges so they are flat, as  these will be holding the running tracks for the car load.


A little while later and the trailer has been stripped of paint. Most of the examples of this trailer I’ve found seem to be missing the plastic tow hitch at the front. This is not a big problem, and as you can see in this picture, I have added a new one, which is actually a small brass picture wire holder, and as it turns out a better fit than the origional. I have also filed the underside holder for this from the chassis, and used a mix of powerbond and milliput to fashion a thinner mount for the hitch. Lastly I’ve added two right angle plastic sections on the top. These will give a stronger mounting for the running tracks for the car load.


The running tracks for the car are made from brass strip, cut to size and then slightly bent into a beaver style at the back. I have used some small hinges found at a local model shop to add an adjustable tail section, so the trailer can be posed unloading if desired.


The main components are seen here during the painting process. I want the trailer to match the team vehicle towing it, so the chassis will be the main colour, and the runners will match the team colour. In this picture the hinges have been protected by a thin strip of masking tape. Hinges are very hard to paint without effecting their action, so they will be left in their bare brass finish.


The finished article. It is as I say a fairly simple Code 3, and can be tweaked to suit the type of model, for instance the running boards can be widened depending on the vehicle, and there is plenty of oppertunity to add to it should it be needed, but I felt that this first one being for a racing team, it should be as minimal as possible to better show off the car.





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